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5 Reasons Why We Love Protective Styles

5 Reasons Why We Love Protective Styles

At Marie C Monroe we’re all about protective styling and we really don’t care what style it is as long as it serves YOUR intended purpose. Here are the top 5 reasons WE love protective styles.

  1. We love a good switch up! Hair is an accessory and we celebrate your right and privilege to change it up whenever the feeling hits you. We believe protective styling is the best way to keep your look fresh without compromising the health of your hair. Some of us like a new style every month or so. Others of us like to switch the look up with the outfit of the day. No matter how you choose to express yourself with your hair we’re with it!

  2. Convenience is everything! Maybe life is busy… maybe you’re just lazy (no judgment here). Either way protective styles are the most convenient way we’ve found to keep it cute day to day without having to wake up earlier to pull your hair together or stay up late because you can’t go to bed until you retwist your hair. Free your mind and your time!

  3. Wash day is team too much! And you just can’t be bothered with that every week. I can’t either, Sis! If your hair is anything like mine, wash day is an all day thing. I literally have to schedule it and I just can’t commit a whole day to my hair every week. I personally don’t wash my hair in a protective style unless I’ve been swimming. And when I do, at least I don’t have to be bothered with the chore of detangling it.

  4. Let it GROW! Length retention is the name of the game and it's much easier to achieve those length goals when you leave your hair alone.

  5. Workout friendly! Call me crazy, but I don’t think you should have to sacrifice personal style just because you have an active lifestyle. Athleisure became a thing when women (and our men) got sick of seeing the same yoga pants everyday. With protective styles, your hair can be as cute as your workout fit even after you sweat it out in the gym.