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Why I Left Twist-Outs and Other Natural Hairstyles Behind

Why I Left Twist-Outs and Other Natural Hairstyles Behind

Prior to going natural in 2010, I was 100% loyal to my Just For Me No Lye Relaxer for 15+ years. My relaxer was good to me. My hair was healthy, thick and long. I washed, deep conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed my hair every Friday night so I always had fresh hair for the weekend ;) It was easy, didn’t take much time and I always felt like the one.

I made the decision to go natural in 2010 simply because I felt we finally had access to products that would allow us to properly care for our natural hair. I no longer felt like wearing a relaxer was the only way my hair could be manageable. So I made the switch.

For the first 5 years of my natural hair journey I didn’t dare attempt to blow dry or straighten my own natural hair. I tried it once and the experience involved a sobbing breakdown outside my bathroom door and an emergency drive to my best friend at 11:30p on a school night to save my life (dramatic, I know! lol) After that trauma, if I didn’t have an appointment with my stylist it was a twist out for me.

Unlike my relaxer days, my natural hair was taking forever to grow. With a relaxer, I could cut my hair in a short bob and have my length back within 6 months. But after going heat free for a year plus, my natural hair seemed to plateau right at my shoulders. I noticed that I always had a ton of fairy knots so for awhile every trim turned into a full cut.

And I was OVER IT!

I committed to blow drying my hair after every wash in an attempt to gain control of the fairy knots. It was a hell of a task, but I couldn’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. If I wanted to wear my own hair, I had to straighten it with a flat iron so my curls wouldn’t have a chance to knot themselves. Other than that, protective styling was my only other option. The twist-outs weren’t going to work out.

After making this adjustment to my hair care routine I finally began to see the hair growth I was used to. My hair was growing all along, it was retention that I was lacking.

I’m back in action now! I’ve been maintaining bra strap length for the past few years, but I’m ready to step my game up. Waist length me!